LSS - Educational Technology Department


Who we are

LSS Educational Technology Department is a small group of researchers active at the Laboratory for signals and systems, which is a part of the Departmend of electronic systems and information processing at Faculty of electrical engineering and computing of the University in Zagreb. We are dedicated to developing new tools to assist in the teaching/learning/knowledge assessment process.


Active projects

·      Learning theories portal

o   An overview of the current state of the art considering learning theories and instructional design models

·      Lecture Capture Tool – LeCTo

o  A desktop application and a web player for capturing and playing rich lecture captures

·      Audience response system – AuResS

o   A web-based audience response system

·      Automated lecture capture and publishing – ALCP

o   A fully automated lecture capturing system for capturing lectures and publishing them online

·      Decision tree analysis - DTA

o   A decision analysis system giving feedback on the upoladed decision tree based on an available case base

·      Decision tree resolver – DTR

o  A web tool to run your decision trees

·      Web Search and Results Visualization AutomationWeSeRV

o   A desktop NetGulb-based search result vizualization application aimed at scientific research

·      Math assignments – Zadaci iz matematike



· Predrag Pale

·       Dr. sc. Juraj Petrović