Computer security consulting


LS&S offers full set of security consulting services to help client's needs in planning, design, implementation and management of security solutions modified to fulfill client's needs.


Firewalls present first (but not the only!) line of defense of your computer networks. LS&S is able to implement firewalls based on Open source operating systems according to client's needs. We can run thorough testing of security on existing firewalls as well.

Security policies

Implementation of company's security begins with definition of security policy, which has to be modified according to special needs. LS&S will define security policy according to BS7799 standard ("Code of practice for information security management").


This includes detailed analysis of existing computer infrastructure. LS&S gives full recommendations for future moves, as well as supervising of the implementation.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Instrusion Detection Systems are mandatory for higher security level of computer networks. LS&S will customize implementation and management of intrusion detection systems according to client's needs

Audit trail management and analysis

Audit trails are an important source of information for monitoring and management of client's systems.

Public key infrastructure

LS&S will analyze client's need for implementation of the public key infrastructure, and recommend design and implementation on their network.

Security alerting

When new security vulnerabilities are found, it is critical to install appropriate patches on the servers. LS&S offers tracking of security events on the global level, according to client's needs, after which they can be alerted in the real time about the newly found security vulnerabilities and methods to stop them being exploited.

Operating system hardening
Very important part of overall security is security level of every machine. LS&S' team of experts can analyze existing servers and check their integrity. Also, recommendations of implementation of secured operating systems on new servers are given.

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